Model No.DCSD-03PDF-Download認證

  • *stainless steel for structure and EPDM for seals
  • *Stop the flood at 99% efficiency by sealing the four sides of the drainage
  • *Easy to operate: rotate the hand wheel to pull up or put down

  • Manual Sluice Gate


Preventing waste water out and the flood into the factory from the opening of gutter sewer.


Stainless Steel

.EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber Seal inserted:
1. Widely used in the car doors.
    2. Bear high temperature up to 160℃ and resist acid or alkali.
    3. Weather resistant and can be used more than 10 years.

.The screw arbor won’t rise while rotating the handwheel.

. the gate can be operated in a short time.

.Once the panel passes through the stainless steel block, it'll tighten the seal to meet the


.Stop the water successfully at 99% efficiency. 

Application Use

Certificated by FM Approvals, the quality of this product is guaranteed.

.Water lashes testing for the flood gate:
The water level is 70cm and the water keep impacting the surface of the flood gate.
 The average speed is more than 1m/s.

.Wave test for the flood gate:
The height of wave shall be 10 cm.
 No leakage in 30 minutes and certificated by public authority unit.